About Us


In Mira Bhyander, there are many spas, but none will bring you the true Thai culture experience. We have designed the spa for you to experience the beauty of our luxurious spa atmosphere at an affordable price.

Our staff of specially trained therapists provides traditional healing modalities usually found only in Thailand and high-end spa resorts. Upon entering you will immediately feel welcomed and at ease. You will leave stress and pain-free and we are confident you will become a loyal/satisfied customer.

We have gathered some of the best Thai massage therapists, Aestheticians, Nail Technician in Nevada to bring the highest level of luxury to our clients. Having fresh, clean and redesigned rooms to fit that spa feeling, and carefully chosen relaxing music, the visual display has eased our customers to set them in that relaxed state.

The ultimate goal here is to make luxury affordable. Our hope is to help educate people of massage benefits for their body. Most people don’t know of the fact that massage improves your health, mobility and aides in blood circulation, plus more.

KNM Thai Spa has a highly regarded reputation of quality service at local prices with personal attention to the needs of their clients.